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Arabak Two Car Garage and Second-Story Addition, Lake Oswego

May 1, 2012
Tagged: Design-Build

WILLCO's newest clients are Bill and Kellie Arabak and their two cats, Lily and Pippen. WILLCO is engaged with the Arabaks on a comprehensive design-build project to replace the existing one car garage with a two car, two story addition, and new master suite. The initial concepts were designed to maintain the cottage feel of their existing 1200 SF home and minimize the visual impact that the new two car garage will have on the house. The style is reminiscent of the New England Cottages with Pacific Northwest design details.

We have completed the preliminary site verification and the existing building as-built process. We are currently in preliminary design, and are working to design the details to fit within their budget. We are happy to be working with the Arabaks and we are excited about where this project is headed.


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