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Benjaminson Bathroom Remodel Project Completed! - Laurelhurst Neighborhood, NE Portland

October 25, 2012
Tagged: Design-Build

WILLCO has recently completed work on the Benjaminson remodel project in the Laurelhurst neighborhood of NE Portland. The Benjaminsons initially engaged WILLCO to remodel their second-floor bathroom in their 1911 Craftsman home. As the project progressed, the Benjaminsons added two more items to their list of remodeling needs: a new bookcase in the office space and new windows to a sleeping porch. WILLCO was happy to assist them with these additional projects.

The main goal of the bathroom remodel was to use the existing space more efficiently, to add storage and to replace the existing tub with a walk-in shower. We relocated the door to the bathroom to allow plenty of space for the new walk-in shower, complete with a bench seat and a built-in shampoo and soap shelf. The glass walls help to keep the shower and bathroom space feel open.

We relocated the sink to the opposite wall, and by doing this we were able to add an additional sink to the space. We also added a tall cabinet which, along with the space under the sinks, provides plenty of storage for towels, toiletries and other bathroom accessories.

We were also able to utilize the space under the shower bench for additional storage and to relocate the mechanical vent.

In addition to the bathroom remodel, the Benjaminsons needed additional bookshelves for their "too-big book collection." It was important that the new bookshelves be integrated into the original character and style of the existing home. WILLCO worked with our paint and stain supplier, Miller Paint, to produce a finish on the bookshelves to match the existing trim work throughout the room. The finished bookshelves look like they were built 100 years ago and are original to the room. With the additional space under the window seat, the Benjaminsons have added a significant amount of storage to their home.

We were also happy to help the Benjaminsons replace their original, inoperable sleeping porch windows with new wood casement windows, complete with an internal screen that can open to access the windows. These windows will provide some much appreciated fresh air on those warm summer nights that we love here in Portland.

The Benjaminsons are pleased with the completion of this remodel work at their home. In a recent correspondence to WILLCO they affirmed: "Thank you for all your care in seeing to it that each aspect of our renovation showed the high quality of design and workmanship that makes each element look simultaneously glowingly new and so completely integrated into the character of our house as to give the impression that it had always been this way."

We want to thank the Benjaminsons for working with us and trusting us to bring their vision to life. We had our skilled team of designers, carpenters and painters working together to complete this project and we couldn't be happier with the results. In addition, we would like to thank the following trade professionals that we had the pleasure of working with:

Big Branch Woodworking
Mike Patterson Plumbing
Miller Paint
Peerless Restoration
Precision Countertops
Red's Electric Company
Sierra Pacific Windows


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