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Benjaminson Bathroom Remodel Project Update

July 25, 2012
Tagged: Design-Build

WILLCO has started construction work on the Benjaminson bathroom remodel project in the Laurelhurst Neighborhood in NE Portland. The Benjaminsons engaged WILLCO to modernize their second story bathroom in their 1911 Craftsman home. The main goal of this remodel is to maximize the existing space, add storage, and replace the existing tub with a walk-in shower.

WILLCO is providing complete design-build bathroom remodel services for the Benjaminsons. After a collaborative design process, we have started the demolition, framing, and rough-in of the electrical and plumbing systems.

During demolition, we found about 4" of concrete or mortar underlayment in this second floor bathroom. While not very common, this type of underlayment was used in some higher end homes of this era. Imbedded in the concrete/mortar mix appears to be period-era coin tiles. While these materials appear to be original, there is evidence of past renovations and previous work at cutting the concrete to relocate plumbing lines.

After demolition of the walls and portions of the floor, the plumbers were able to get into the space to run new plumbing lines for the walk-in shower and the double sinks at the new vanity.

The electricians will follow with the new wiring for the new electrical fixtures, including a new pendant fixture and a new bathroom fan. New electrical lines are also being provided to relocate the existing wall sconces, as well as providing power for the built-in medicine cabinets.

We are excited about how the Benjaminson bathroom remodel project is coming together. We look forward to the next phases of finishing up the framing, insulating, covering the walls with gypsum board, and starting the tile work. Stay tuned for more construction photos as we make progress on this renovation.


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