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Camas Dormer Addition - In Progress!

October 20, 2017
Tagged: Remodeling

WILLCO is in the midst of an exciting design-build project. This Camas home recently celebrated its centennial and to commemorate this milestone the owners decided to embark on a historically sensitive remodel.

The owners of this home want to maintain the historical aesthetic of their home while adding the space and amenities found in modern homes. To accomplish this, they elected to go with a dormer addition on the rear of the home that includes a master bathroom and walk-in closet.  WILLCO’s team created a design that provides the homeowners with the space they desire while staying true the existing design of the home.

The front of the home features a “wrap-around” style with a large bay window and sunroom that extend beyond the footprint of the main home. This style is used as inspiration to seamlessly blend the new addition into the existing home. The dormer is designed in such a way that it too protrudes well beyond the footprint of the home, creating a mimic effect that brings symmetry to the front and the back. Not only does this mimic effect allow for the addition while maintaining the historical integrity of the architecture, it encourages the dormer to be quite large. This size ties the dormer into the rest of the home and provides the homeowners with the space they desire.

Building dormer of this size also requires building a substantial support structure to reinforce it, which in this case serves a dual purpose. The structure both supports the dormer as well as provides the homeowners with livable space that can be enjoyed year-round. While this is an outdoor space, the design emphasizes year-round livability. The covered area will shelter the homeowners and their guests during the wetter months and the long eaves will create a shaded retreat in the warmer months. 

WILLCO has a professional team ready to assist you with any residential design-build project you may be considering. We want to thank the homeowners of this historical home for trusting WILLCO and our team of experts.  If you are a homeowner looking to remodel, you can trust WILLCO to deliver a high quality product.