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Connolly - Basement Remodel

August 18, 2014
Tagged: Design-Build

The Connolly’s were not getting the most efficient use out of their basement, and turned to WILLCO to bring their basement remodel to life. Their 1926 English Tudor home is located in the Laurelhurst neighborhood of north east Portland. Mike and Michelle are looking to have a finished basement, remodeled laundry room, and an additional bathroom for overnight guests. There are a few building code requirements that will be taken care of during this project as well.

Mike and Michelle are faithful clients of ours; this is their second home we've worked on with them. We have done multiple improvements including simple handyman repairs to elaborate design build projects throughout our relationship. Driving this remodel is the desire to finish unused space in their basement. A finished laundry room with this remodel was also on the priority list. Most new homes have this cushy feature, but for those who prefer a more time honored home, making space for one is essential. Along with a new laundry room, the Connolly’s are also adding a bathroom and entertainment room to the basement.

As time passes, building codes change. With this project come two code updates that will add to the safety of the Connolly’s and their guests. The stairway to the basement and the addition of an egress window are on the roster for updates in safety compliance. The very low amount of head room for the stairs causes a hazard to anyone coming up or down. The stairs will flip flop in direction, creating a safer passage way. As for an egress window, the plan is to install a larger window with a window well outside of it. This will allow for an easy and quick exit in case of an emergency. The basement will soon comply with current building codes that were not in place when the home was built.

WILLCO is excited and honored to be working with the Connolly’s again. Check back soon, we’ll be posting more updates about this project as they become available!


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