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Davis Bathroom Remodel - Project Complete!

December 20, 2017
Tagged: Design-Build

   The homeowners of this 1904 farmhouse had used WILLCO for projects in the past. However, this project was more extensive than their previous project.  They enlisted the help of WILLCO’s design-build team to update the scattered layout of their original bathroom. The sink was behind a door, there was a second entrance into the bathroom from a guest bedroom/office space, the toilet was next to the shower. The overall flow of the bathroom didn’t meet today’s standards. It was important for the Davis family and the WILLCO team to improve the flow and functionality of the space while retaining the historical architectural elements. 

   To retain the historical aesthetic of the early 1900’s, WILLCO decided to use a beautiful claw foot tub, a staple of bathrooms from that period, as a focal point that would prevent the new, modern layout from overpowering the overall feel of the home. Moving the sink next to the toilet and installing the claw foot tub towards the back of the bathroom increased the functional space, giving it a roomier feel. Placing the claw foot tub in the back of the room meant walling off the secondary entrance from the guest room/office space. While the secondary entrance was lost, the layout and flow was improved.

   A structural quirk of the bathroom is that the back window was not centered. To give the window the appearance of being centered, a bookshelf style storage area was added to the right wall. The protrusion of the shelf filled some of the empty space on the back wall and gave the appearance of a centered window. Marmoleum flooring replaced the original flooring, which is easy to clean, highly durable, comes in a countless variety of colors and is a sustainable, eco-friendly material. The  is the finishing touch that really balances the old with the new. It is a converted antique furniture piece that helps retain the original aesthetic.

   An important and often overlooked function of this remodel was completely structural. Over time, older homes tend to have leaks and other problems arise. While working on this project we noticed significant amount of dry rot present in the back wall. WILLCO’s journey level carpenters are fully capable of remedying dry rot and were able to improve the structural integrity of the bathroom.
Striking a balance between the old and the new is key for remodeling historic homes. A few period sensitive focal pieces detract attention away from more modern features and materials. This allows homeowners to enjoy the convenience of modern materials and a modern layout while still maintaining the aspects of their home that they fell in love with and makes it special.

   If you are considering a historical or period sensitive remodel, give WILLCO a call. We have a team of experts ready to assist you through the process.


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