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Design-Build Project Update: Rubin - Kitchen Remodel and Bathroom Dormer Addition

June 4, 2014
Tagged: Design-Build

WILLCO is currently working on remodeling a kitchen and adding a bathroom dormer to a SE Portland home. The Rubin family recently welcomed a set of twins into their home; the need for extra space quickly became a necessity. This design-build project captures WILLCO doing what we love most. We take great pride in preserving original architecture, while at the same time providing modern upgrades.

Many newer home remodels are including upgrades that, visually, go undetected. WILLCO is excited to offer high performance home building packages. One step in the remodeling process can make a huge impact on how green your home runs, not to mention how much green you can save on future energy costs. For this project, we installed high efficiency spray foam insulation.

An updated kitchen can be appreciated by most anyone. In the Rubin’s original kitchen, one of the windows faced south, looking directly at their neighbors house. Keeping the window on the west side, allows for total view of their backyard. The space that used to contain the other window now offers a safe point for ventilation. Along with that, the sink has also been moved. The sink will share a wall with the new window, and an added dishwasher is relieving this family of any extra chores.

This project also includes a bathroom dormer addition. This is the part where our skilled design team shines. Our team was able to turn dead attic space into a functional bedroom, bathroom, and storage closet. Adding a window to the bathroom, the Rubin’s have also gained a west view of their neighborhood. With two new west facing windows, this house is also gaining a tremendous amount of natural daylight. To begin with, this home offered just one bathroom. Unfortunately, to access that bathroom, it was necessary to pass through a bedroom. This story of the house will soon perfectly accommodate an overnight guest or extra space for their children in the years to come.  With this dormer being directly above the kitchen, the Rubin's are able to get the most efficient use out of their remodeling budget.

There is more work here than meets the eye. The chimney, photographed above, was obsolete and removed by our team. There are also many aspects of plumbing and electrical work that have been included. WILLCO is proud to offer the utmost in accuracy, experience, and excellence for the Rubin’s.

Summer is in full swing, the sun is out, and our expert carpenters are hard at work! Check back soon, we can’t wait to share this completed project with you!

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