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Employee Spotlight - Juan Carlos Montes, Journeyman Painter

July 22, 2011
Tagged: Employee Spotlight

Juan Carlos Montes, in addition to being an experienced and skilled painter, performs a number of other functions for WILLCO.  We have been fortunate to have him as a valuable asset for nearly 7 years.


Juan Carlos performs equally well in a residential or commercial setting, and multi-family homes are a favorite of his.  His ability to create a surface fit for painting is exceptional, as he has a keen eye for cleaning and preparation.  Juan is always thorough in taking care of both the project he is on and the needs of the people involved, from his fellow employees to the client.  He takes a great amount of pride in showing his skill in all areas of painting, and has stated that his primary goal is for his customers to see the difference in his and WILLCO's high quality work over others.  His personal philosophy is to treat his customer right, and has a goal of always leaving people with "the biggest smile possible" at the end of the day.

If you're fortunate enough to say hello to Juan Carlos, you may find him a bit shy and reserved.  A fun and surprising fact about him, however, is that he rides bulls on the weekend!

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