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Epping Kitchen Remodel Progress - SE Portland

April 19, 2012
Tagged: Design-Build

WILLCO is currently wrapping up the design effort on the Epping kitchen remodel project. Elizabeth Epping is a past client and a friend of WILLCO, and we are working with her to improve the flow and functionality of her existing kitchen. After incorporating design details from her 1910 Craftsman home in the design drawings, we went shopping with her to select finishes for the project. We visited many local showrooms to look at countertops, wall tile, flooring and wall paint. Visiting the showrooms gives homeowners a chance to see what is available and compare different products.

We looked at some great products to use for the project that are in keeping with the Craftsman style, yet incorporate modern materials. For the countertop, we were able to find a quartz countertop with hints of purple, light grey, and dark grey. Quartz is a very durable, non-porous countertop surface; it is resistant to stains and scratches. The quartz has a varied texture that adds a lot of interest to the product and to the room.

In keeping with the Craftsman style of the home, we wanted to incorporate a subway tile for the wall behind the stove. Since the cabinet faces will be finished in a classic white, we found a warmer, off-white tile that will help to warm up the space and off-set the other cool colors we are using in the kitchen.

For the flooring, we decided to pursue cork over wood flooring. This was a tough choice, as we wanted a natural, durable surface that will add warmth to the space which both cork and wood flooring provide. The cork flooring we finally decided on has a plank-like pattern that will work well with the natural wood desk surface in the workspace area, but not compete with the countertop surface. The color and texture coordinates well with the other materials in the room.

After touring many showrooms, we put together all of the material samples we collected and pulled out a couple of paint colors that would tie all the materials together. Elizabeth's favorite color is green, so we found a natural grey-green color that would coordinate with the quartz countertop, the subway tile, the white cabinet faces, the natural wood desktop surface, and the cork flooring.

WILLCO is excited with the progress made on this project. We are finalizing the construction documents for submittal to the city for a building permit. As we wrap up the design phase, we are looking forward to starting the construction portion of the design-build process in the coming months.


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