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Everett House Condos Restoration - In Progress!

May 8, 2017
Tagged: Painting

WILLCO recently started lead-safe exterior work on this historic, multi-family project located in Northwest Portland. This beautiful American Foursquare, built in 1895, presents a number of challenges common among historic homes such as existing lead paint as well as having intricate architectural details that need special attention. Here at WILLCO, our team of expert painters and carpenters understands the unique nature of these historic homes and is prepared to handle all of their complexities.


We are certified by the EPA and State of Oregon to perform lead safe painting on any size home or property. During the scraping process, WILLCO’s journeymen painters take precautions to ensure all lead is contained and responsibly disposed of for the safety of your family, your pets and the environment.

Protecting the historic character of these homes is a top priority for us. During the preparation process, our painters are taking care to properly cover the stained glass windows to protect them from any damage.

Throughout the process, our painters will pay special attention to the many intricate architectural details that are common on historic homes, such as the corbels and exterior molding found at this home.

WILLCO is passionate about historic homes and has the expertise to produce a quality finish. We want to thank the owners of  this property for trusting WILLCO’s quality and expertise.