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Historic NW Alphabet District Restoration – In Progress!

March 7, 2017
Tagged: Painting

WILLCO’s experienced journeymen carpenters and painters recently began working on a historical restoration project in NW Portland.  The exterior of this three story apartment building had been repainted within the last year but was already having problems with flaking and paint failure. Our clients came to WILLCO because they wanted the work done correctly and because of the expertise and quality we provide.

WILLCO identified and removed dry rot along the back and right side of the building. Our expert journeymen carpenters completed general repair for the early 20th century structure, including historical details on the front of the building and the total residing of the rear and right sides of the building. This restoration was done with sensitivity to the historical significance of the architecture.

WILLCO is certified by the EPA and state of Oregon to work on buildings and homes that contain lead paint - our journeymen painters are well versed in handling lead-based painting projects for residential and commercial buildings. If you have an older home or a structure with lead-based paint, contact WILLCO: we are certified lead professionals and our expert painters & carpenters will give you confidence knowing your project has been performed safely, with great attention to detail.

We look forward to sharing this completed historical restoration project with you!
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