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Huizenga Bathroom Remodel Started! - Northwest Portland

November 1, 2012
Tagged: Design-Build

WILLCO recently started work on our latest design-build project: the Huizenga master bathroom remodel. We've been working with Gerrit on a number of design-build projects for his northwest Portland home and we started construction on phrase one: a full bathroom remodel!

The current master bathroom has some of the original mid-century fixtures, like the starburst laminate countertops. The room is small, with a shower stall that is separate from the rest of the bathroom. The bathroom also suffers from a few maintenance issues, including some possible water intrusion and leaking issues.


The main goal of this renovation is to correct any plumbing issues, update the finishes and make the bathroom feel more open within the confines of a small footprint. We are looking forward to continuing with construction on this bath remodel and making this small space feel more open. Stay tuned for updates!



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