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Interior Painting Project Completed: Historical Fechheimer & White Building

February 25, 2013
Tagged: Painting

This historic, rustic building sits on Naito Parkway, looking out on the Willamette River.  WILLCO was asked to help out with interior restoration.  The original ceiling has been sand blasted down to a raw wood surface to lighten it up.

In an effort to lighten the room WILLCO provided the owner several “white wash” looking stain samples.  After some discussion the right look was determined.

This project required a great deal of masking in order to keep all the ducting, sprinklers, and black lines clean.  Once all the masking was complete, WILLCO spray applied a heavy-bodied white stain on all surfaces.  The first coat would absorb heavily, so multiple coats were required and applied to give the desired effect. 

The finished project was much brighter, but retained the “older” classic look of the building.  Once interior remodeling is complete WILLCO will return to do wall painting. 

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