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Kitchen Remodeling - Green Building Practices - Mease Kitchen Update

May 20, 2010
Tagged: Design-Build

The Mease kitchen remodel project is coming along as planned.

We are currently installing all of the hard surfaces.  The sheetrock is complete, the cabinets have been installed, and we are working on installing the trim moldings. 

In an effort to be environmentally friendly WILLCO will incorporate recycled building materials into our client’s projects.  With the Mease's kitchen we repurposed a pair of original recessed panel doors from their existing pantry and created a new chalk/cork board.  This effort has many positive effects on the environment, for our customers and their homes. Specifically it helps keep demolished building materials from going into the landfill, creates a useful function, and is an architectural statement that shows our clients and WILLCO's concern for the environment.

We will be painting soon and look forward to following our fine woodworking with beautiful finishes from our painters.

You can count on WILLCO to provide Green Building practices on your next project!

Stay tuned for more updates.


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