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Let Us Winterize Your Home!

December 12, 2012
Tagged: Painting

Didn’t get around to painting this year?  Do you have raw, peeling wood exposed to the elements?  Are there open gaps in your trim that lets water into your home?  Don’t wait until next year! WILLCO offers a winterization package designed to protect your home through the tough winter months until you can get your home painted completely next summer.

The goal of this package is to prime raw wood and caulk open gaps that let water into your home.  It is a stop gap measure to help protect your home from serious damage. WILLCO will inspect and determine the worst areas that need immediate attention.  We will look for water intrusion points, and dry rot damage that cannot wait until next year.  Priming raw wood will prevent additional rot and may save you future costly replacement work.  Caulking open gaps where water flows into the house will keep water out and give you peace of mind!

WILLCO also keeps carpenters on staff all year round, so if there is minor damage that needs immediate attention, we can take care of it on the spot!

It isn’t too late to winterize, the worst weather is still ahead!  Spending a little now could save you a lot later.  Also, wrapping these costs into a complete painting project next year can save you money! WILLCO is available for all your interior and exterior painting and remodeling needs.  Feel free to call or email and have us help you maintain your most valuable asset! WILLCO is your painting contractor for every season!



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