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Mease Kitchen Remodeling Project Update - NE Portland

May 3, 2010
Tagged: Design-Build

The Mease kitchen remodel project is fully under way.  

After completing the demolition we found the existing structure to be very typical of an older home in Portland.  The framing was largely intact and we found no dry rot. 

One interesting find during the course of the demolition was an older dumb-waiter no longer in use.  It had been abandoned and covered over during a previous remodel.  It was likely used to transport coal or wood from the basement to a kitchen stove.

There has been a bit of settling over the years and the framing was not quite plumb.  We did make some structural improvements to the joists, including adjustments to out of plumb walls. 

The electrical system was typical of an older kitchen, largely knob and tube wiring intricately woven throughout the walls.  We removed all of the knob and tube and improved the service to bring it up to current electrical code.

Following rough in plumbing and insulation we were finally ready to cover over the walls with sheetrock and proceed with installing finish materials.

We feel a lot of satisfaction knowing that the underlying structure is sound before applying the final finishes.

Here is a photo of Robert building up the subfloor for the Marmoleum flooring:


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