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Northwest Portland Bathroom Remodel Project - Completed!

January 10, 2013
Tagged: Design-Build

WILLCO recently completed work on the Huizenga master bathroom remodel project in Northwest Portland.  Gerrit initially engaged WILLCO for our design-build services for an addition to his 1963 home; and while we continue to move forward with that project, we also worked with him to remodel his 32-square-foot master bathroom.

The main goal of this bathroom remodel was to open up the space and update the finishes and waterproofing systems that had deteriorated over the past 50 years in the space.  To accomplish these goals we replaced the wall between the shower and the bathroom with a glass wall, allowing more light to reach the shower area.  We also used a floor-to-ceiling light colored, large format tile to make the space feel larger, brighter and more open.  We also improved the lighting and ventilation in the space.

We want to thank Gerrit and Dale for trusting us to work on this design-build remodel project with them.  WILLCO’s team of designers, carpenters and painters worked together to complete this project.  We would also like to thank our skilled trade partners that worked with us on this bathroom remodel:

Mike Patterson Plumbing
Paragon Tile & Stone, Inc.
West Side Electric Company




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