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Belmont Street Lofts Ipe Hardwood Sealing Project, SE Portland

June 30, 2011
Tagged: Painting

Belmont Street Lofts is a four story 45,000 square foot award winning mixed use condominium project located in the SE Belmont neighborhood.  This building is the first four-story urban mixed use condominium project in the country to have an entirely Ipe hardwood skin, and is known for its combination of bold lines, highly innovative modern design, and progressive building techniques that take into account the needs of its residents and neighbors alike.  The exterior paneling and visible slats were constructed with Ipe, a Brazilian hardwood known for its straight and long lengths, and for being one of the most durable and beautiful natural wood building materials available.

WILLCO was contracted to clean and seal the entire Ipe hardwood exterior, using our broad knowledge of the material and its handling.  Per our professional standards, WILLCO completed this work in a timely and efficient manner, taking into consideration the needs of the HOA, residents, and associated storefronts in completing the beautification of the structure.  WILLCO was chosen to maintain this property over the course of several years in order to continually breathe new life into the Ipe hardwood.

Out team of skilled painters used premium grade “Sikkens SRD” oil penetrating sealer to attain a like new finish that will continue to stand out for years to come.  Additionally, WILLCO washed, prepped and varnished all of the natural CVG Fir wood on the first floor storefronts and windows, performed the interior painting of the common areas in the lobby and on the second floor, re-sealed the garbage area floor with custom 2-part epoxy coatings, and thoroughly pressure washed the parking lot and sidewalks.

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