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Salerno Building - Work Completed!

August 29, 2017
Tagged: Painting

WILLCO recently completed painting the historic Salerno building in Northeast Portland. Built almost a century ago, WILLCO is proud to have been trusted to paint this building not just once, but twice. Our first work at the Salerno building was in 2006. The quality and professionalism of the WILLCO team ensured the longevity of our work and therefore when the Salerno community decided it was once again time for an exterior repaint, they chose WILLCO.

A critical component to ensuring our work’s quality and longevity is our estimators’ expert knowledge of paint and materials. Every project is different and selecting the right products for the job is vital. Estimators suggested the use of Rodda paint the first time we painted Salerno, which is locally manufactured and designed specifically for our climate here in the Pacific Northwest. For our most recent work at Salerno, our team once again suggested Rodda paint as the optimal product for this project; and with years of proven effectiveness, the board agreed this product was the right choice for the job.

In addition to the expertise of our estimators, WILLCO relies on our team of journey-level painters to deliver a product to our customers with the quality and lifespan they expect from us. As with all of our paint projects, WILLCO’s professional painters adhered to the PDCA guidelines and the highest industry standards. Moreover, the Salerno project was a lead safe project.  As such, we took all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the residents of the Salerno building and the surrounding community. This includes meticulously containing any lead dust and scrapings during the preparation process.  Safety is always our top priority, especially when dealing with lead projects.

Lead is commonplace in the Portland metro area. Many of the structures built before 1978, when lead paint was banned in the United States, have never been properly treated. With such a great number of historical buildings in the area, lead is an unfortunate reality faced by many. In the case of lead safe projects, such as Salerno, WILLCO is certified by both the State of Oregon and the EPA to remedy lead.

Here at WILLCO we are passionate about preserving the historical charm of Portland by restoring and maintaining the older homes and buildings in the area. We are proud sponsors of the Architectural Heritage Center, an organization dedicated to the preservation of Portland’s historically significant architecture.

We want to give a special thanks to all the residents of the Salerno building for their continuing trust in WILLCO’s work by choosing us to preserve the nature and value of their building. We look forward to working on this building again in the future!