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Sharp Home Remodel in NW Portland- Project Update!

September 15, 2016
Tagged: Design-Build

WILLCO’s team of skilled craftsmen has begun construction on the Sharp historic home remodel. Ms. Sharp is a supporter of the Architectural Heritage Center and the organization’s efforts to preserve our city’s historic homes, neighborhoods and commercial properties. This design-build project has involved collaborating closely with our client to update and improve the flow and function of the main level while keeping with the home’s original architecture.

With a large remodel project like this, there are many updates - including; framing, specialty fasteners, hold downs and hardware, as well as engineered beams and posts - to meet structural and city requirements. This included altering and improving the home’s electrical and plumbing. Our skilled team removed the entire interior of the main floor, carefully preserving historic moldings and hardware to be reused in the finished design. We created more space by removing an obsolete chimney, which in turn allowed us to move the stairwell and bring it up to code.

WILLCO is proud to assist Ms. Sharp with the update to her home and to provide a remodel that offers more function while retaining the style of the original architecture. WILLCO takes great pride in offering accuracy, experience, and excellence to our clients. Our journeymen carpenters and painters are hard at work: check back soon, we look forward to sharing this completed project with you.

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