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St. Peter Church- Painting completed!

August 20, 2016
Tagged: Painting

WILLCO recently completed painting the interior of the St. Peter Catholic Church in SE Portland. The parish has served a multitude of functions in the community since 1911 and they have been at their present location since 1954. When the paint was ready for update, our professional painters accomplished the work professionally and with sensitivity to the congregation’s needs. WILLCO planned the project to work around regular services and to be completed in time for a special event.

Safety is always a top priority. In order to access the vaulted ceilings efficiently, we needed to move all the pews and set up a scaffolding system. We were diligent in our care of the space and conscientious of everyone in the building as our painters performed the work.

New colors were applied throughout, highlighting and accentuating the building’s architecture. When entering, the eye is guided forward and center to the pulpit.  A new accent color was added over the windows and behind the cross; the rest of the interior colors create a warmer, more inviting space for the congregation.

We would like to thank Father Marquez and his parish for trusting WILLCO to work on their cathedral. We are proud to have been chosen for this project and very proud of the results.

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