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Sunset Primary School - Project Started!

July 31, 2017
Tagged: Painting

WILLCO has recently started painting at Sunset Primary School in West Linn. The goal of this project is to replace the aging primary school building with this new, 28,000 sq. ft. facility to provide students with a modern, safety-minded structure.


With the wellbeing of the students and teachers at the forefront of this project, the use of low VOC paint is critical. VOCs are airborne chemicals released while paint is drying that can be particularly troublesome for those who suffer from asthma and those who have severe allergies. VOCs have also been shown to contribute to airborne pollution. By electing to use low VOC paint, the district and WILLCO are putting safety and the environment first.



WILLCO always places an emphasis on timeliness while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards in the industry. With the help of WILLCO, Triplett Wellman and the other great contractors on site, the school is projected to be completed ahead of schedule; before students and teachers return to class later this summer.



While safety is the top priority for this project, the overall aesthetic is also a key element. The plans call for bold pops of color throughout the school. WILLCO’s team of expert painters has an eye for details and applied these accent colors to really make them stand out by using the highest quality paints for vibrant color and ensuring the sharpest lines for the best contrast.

We’d like to give a special thank you to Triplett Wellman Contractors for trusting WILLCO on this project. You can find their website at [url=http://www.triplettwellman.com]http://www.triplettwellman.com[/url].

Whether you have a large commercial project, single family residence or anything in between, WILLCO is here to ensure safety and quality.