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The Governor Hotel, Historical Restoration Complete, Portland Oregon

December 17, 2010
Tagged: Painting

After two months of careful preparation, equipment staging, cleaning and painting, the Governor Hotel Restoration project is now complete. 

Located in the heart of downtown Portland, this historical landmark posed some critical staging issues.  WILLCO accessed the six story building with a swing stage and used a covered walkway for pedestrian safety.  The entire facade was thoroughly cleaned without damaging the delicate Terra Cotta and brick and mortar.  All of the painted surfaces were carefully restored including the original wooden sash windows.  As typical of all structures this age in Portland, the original paint used contained lead.  WILLCO is certified by the EPA and The State of Oregon to work on all structures that contain lead based paint.  We performed lead safe paint preparation and restored the building with top of the line products and paint.

More than just a job, it was an honor for WILLCO to preserve this structure for our future generations.


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