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Riggs - Project Start!

August 14, 2019
Tagged: Design-Build, Painting

WILLCO recently began work on this beautiful Victorian home in Washougal, Washington. All historical homes present their own unique challenges and this one is no different. Our expert painters and carpenters are pleased to be handling this exciting project.


With dry rot damage, lots of intricate details, and many eye-catching colors this is a multifaceted project that demands expert care. Care that our experienced journeyman painters and carpenters are ready to provide. The first step is to repair the areas affected by dry rot, and to prep the exterior for painting, this ensures the structural integrity of the home is well protected for years to come.

Once the prep work is completed we will be painting this house in 5 different colors using Miller Paint's premium grade, locally manufactured, lifetime paint products. The ornate historical details of the home will be highlighted with this striking color palette.  Quality paint and our expert attention to detail will make this historical home shine.

WILLCO is currently designing an interior remodel for the client that maintains the home’s historical character while creating a more open space. WILLCO is proud to be doing this work and would like to thank The Riggs’ for trusting us with their historic home.

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