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WILLCO’s Owners

February 13, 2019
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We’re all owners. Every year we give an Ownership Thinking award to the people in our company who exhibit these qualities:

  • Excellent performer and is willing to go above and beyond for their specific role.
  • Overcome obstacles and pushes back against adversity.
  • Follows through on promises to coworkers, clients, and anyone else with a sense of urgency, always strives to improve themselves, the company, and how they perform their job.
  • Gives excellent customer service.

This year Jeff Carter, Ismael Mondragon, Vitaliy Gabor and Yoel Santiago were all nominated for exhibiting the best ownership practices.

Congratulations to our nominees and winner, Vitaliy!

Pictured Left to right:Yoel Santiago, Ismael Mondragon, Primo Williams, Vitaliy Gabor, Jeff Carter



Great people.

Great work.